OneOffixx Template Management System
…Boost Your Marketing to the Next Level!

A 100% standardized corporate design

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook: Thanks to the OneOffixx template management system, your company’s corporate design is correctly displayed on Office documents and templates. All fonts, colors, and images are in line with your corporate identity.

Simply easy: Update your company’s CI/CD at the press of just one button! The central data management ensures that the latest logos, documents and templates are available to staff according to their access rights.

OneOffixx Template Management System

Documents in multiple languages? No problem!

Is your company operating at various locations and/or internationally? The OneOffixx templates and text blocks are available in multiple languages for different organizational units and across locations. Your international operations have never been easier: At the click of a mouse you can adjust the language for each document recipient and unit. OneOffixx – you will simply love it!

The OneOffixx template management system supports unified email signatures across departments and for various organizational units. Text modules in Outlook and Word boost the quality of your output by eliminating errors in advance. Share templates and text blocks with your colleagues and consolidate your marketing efforts.

Simply perfect eMarketing campaigns

Did you know that each employee writes some 7.000 emails each year? Take advantage of this incredible potential by adding advertizing supplements to your colleagues’ email signatures. The OneOffixx template management system automatically distinguishes between internal and external correspondences and correctly displays the correlating email signature.

Create professional eMarketing campaigns and support your company’s advertizing strategy. OneOffixx supports timed campaigns for different organizational units in multiple languages. Thanks to the central data management, a good structure and overview is guaranteed.

Boost your marketing to the next level with OneOffixx! Click here to learn more about the benefits of the OneOffixx template management system.

OneOffixx Template Management System